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an awesome kid with variety of longish brown hair. archan is an indian paki whom visits my uk college. every day he involves this brit school saying rubading ding along with his immigrated chums in the curry house. he attempts to act british by eating brit food and attempting to be simple brit when he clearly can't because of the epidermis colour. his type come over here in their particular floating curry houses or field if they're bad so when they get here they simply take our tasks, they take our houses, they take precisely what is certainly not theirs as well as shit onto it too match skin. easily informed nick griffin about that preposterous plan it could both end up in holocaust number 2 or sending most of the paki cunts onto a boat send all of them off to ocean and take the boat drowning the little advantage bastards and no more blacks or we could send them to area but inflatable the rocket on the road up. bang off you cunts you little bastards