What does Arcadian mean?

Arcadian meaning in General Dictionary

Of or with respect to Arcadia pastoral if at all possible rural as Arcadian user friendliness or views

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  • an inhabitant of Arcadia
  • (used regarding idealized country life) idyllically austere
  • Alt. of Arcadic

Arcadian meaning in Urban Dictionary

somebody who checks out the webcomic Penny Arcade, plus especially, a person who is an associate of 1 regarding the Penny Arcade guilds regarding the deep Iron world in World of Warcraft. Rivals of one of PVPOnline webcomic guilds, especially Panda Attack.

Arcadian meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"ideally rustic or rural; an idealized austere," 1580s, from Greek Arkadia, district in Peloponnesus, taken by poets as a great region of outlying felicity, typically from Arkas (genitive Arkadas), son of Zeus, name regarding the president and first ruler of Arcadia.

Arcadian meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Alt. of Arcadic

Sentence Examples with the word Arcadian

We seem to find it latent in the Arcadian worship of Zeus AvKaIos and the legend of King Lycaon.

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