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Arcadia Univeristy is a college which positioned in Glenside, PA 19038. Its a somewhat small college with courses that are the dimensions of a higher class. It specializes in sutdy abroad, and it has a high portion of females and folks that are homosexual. They can also claim a portion of students from many different countries, & most students study abroad by the time they graduate because for most majors it's a requirment. It cost like 37,000 (07/08) to reside on campus and go to. They have a freshman springtime preview, in which a few of the freshmand course can head to spain, london, scottland, or italy for spring break for something like 700$. It is found relatively near Phili, and also the greater part of the people is from PA and actually leaves the week-end. It really is a beneficial university for students that love little courses (you can find freshman courses that have been like 8 students huge although average is a lot like 20-25). It used to be Beaver College and start to become an all girls college several years ago. Its name ended up being changed as soon as the college attained University condition. Arcadia.edu