What does ArcH Kr3W Arch kr3w mean?

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the essential development of a close selection of friends that decided to name their relationship. Arch originates from the Archstone flats the set of dudes familiar with go out around. This relationship is more than just hanging out, but more of shopping for eachother. Virtually, no guy is put aside. The ArcH Kr3w is certainly not a gang and it is never ever meant to be a gang. Like stated, the ArcH Kr3W is a team of friends that doesn't begin shit but stops shit. a small grouping of young ones whom believe they are hard but they are better off than people. Many attend personal schools. They dont end shit instead start it. When they do begin shit they are going to boast about it, however it never escalated to a large point. They're frightened of genuine teams like three legs and promise because they know theyll get fucked up. In summary, a team of wealthy young ones whom attend exclusive college yet still believe they truly are hard for whatever reason.