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title fond of those of unique, ethereal beauty and cleverness. Frequently describing a girl which provokes awe, like a goddess. The Aras (also known as Araks, Arax, Araxi, Araxes, Araz, or Yeraskh; Armenian: Արաքս or Երասխ (Araqs or Erasx), Azerbaijani: Araz, Persian: ارس (Aras), Turkish: Aras, Kurdish: Aras or Erez; Russian: Аракс; Latin: Aboras), is a river positioned in and across the nations of Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iran. Its complete length is 1,072 kilometers (666 mi). Provided its size and a basin that addresses an area of 102,000 km², it is one of the largest streams associated with the Caucasus. A tiny exotic girl, with one cray dad.