What does Arashi no Yoru Ni mean?

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A children's anime film about the friendship between a Goat called Mei and a wolf known as Gabu. They satisfy in a barn in the middle of a storm, and should not see or smell one another (they both conveniently got colds). They speak to eachother throughout the night, and choose to fulfill again the next day while watching barn using the codeword "One stormy evening" (the movie's name in English). Then they discover each other's types, but carry on being pals. They're both persecuted when it comes to relationship through the entire film.Sadly, but unsuprisingly, the fandom because of this excelent film appears to be constructed mainly of yaoi fangirls whom draw guideline 34 regarding the set (but in some way, the nonsexual yaoi is more annoying versus rule 34.)