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Aranza is a girl with mindset. She will be a bitch when she desires to. If you are a bitch to the girl, youre going to feel dissapointed about that for sure because she's going to end up being the biggest bitch for you. Besides that aranza is outbound, funny, sweet, amazing in bed and contains a good body(skinny and has curves) She is able to please a guy. Men are thirsty for her. Aranza is fuckable and amazing. She is a lady you can rely on and be good friends with. Aranza also wants to celebration together pals. She is a wild girl whenever shes drunk but it's fun watching the woman be drunk, it's anything you'll enjoy for certain. Aranza: usually she's an outbound woman, has a powerful personality, extremely outgrageous, she is constantly associated with gossip. if she wants she can seek out function as the best bitch however, if you will be the girl friend she's going to function as the best friend ull ever have actually. simply learn how to love the girl.