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a pleasant and smart girl or girl, usually a person who believes beyond your package or perhaps in an unorthodox method, but whom none the less cares deeply for fellow human beings an individual who tends to make no good sense, the sort of one who seems to have ended up in the wrong destination in the incorrect time. somebody who sooner or later struck their mind really hard and became afflicted with it forever, somebody who appears to have emerge from a fictional globe, the sort of person you do not usually have a serious discussion with. this is basically the sort of individual who laughs whenever no one else is, and usually analyses jokes, this is the type of individual who folks call the "geek", "outkast", waky..etc and so on these kind of people are also typically tremedously energetic and always be seemingly delighted, something which can very nearly be irritating to people who arent familiar with becoming around such pleased peopel. they're almost not individual, and u only find one by evry 1billion people...this can be viewed fantastic chance...or vise versa(extremely misfortune)