What does Arachnophineaide mean?

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A terrible infection which spreading in schools across the world. It were only available in a middle college in Connecticut, United States Of America. Pronounced: Arack-no-fin-E-ide.Symptoms consist of but they are not limited to:Aching bones, fear of the individuals near you, amnesia, internal bleeding, continual cross-eyedness, fast muscle tissue spasming, the desire to twerk non end, unusual sexual attraction to cleaning supplies, convinced that banging your head regarding the wall may be beneficial, concussions, reducing eyesight, anxiety about along with green, losing the capability to exhale, spontaneous head banging (or "rocking completely"), the sudden urge to pierce all of human body and place a morph fit on, hives, worries of water, random decapitation, accessive shaving, balding, bipolar disorder, yeast infections, the aspire to marry videos online game, getting slenderman, attempting to travel, becoming an idiot, the inability to stay however, teenage pregnancy, AIDS, rapies (getting raped by an animal with rabies), plus in many cases death.There isn't any remedy with this, however if you or somebody you understand has arachnophineaide, it's always best to try to slow the condition dispersing by doing a tribal dance around the victim as oldest of the group covers all of them in ice. Then, when they tend to be entirely covered, the team should all trade socks with eachother, and check out eat the ice. Hence, removing a small piece of the condition and letting it enter all of them. Arachnophineaide is a critical problem and needs become addressed therefore.