What does Arachne mean?

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A Greek maiden whoever weaving ability had been the marvel for the ancient world. When Athena heard about it she challenged Arachne to a contest. As soon as the woman's tapestry had been the add up to the goddess', she became upset and tore Arachne's weaving to shreds. The lady became terrified of just what Athena might do and hanged by herself. Athena became regretful of the woman activities and turned Arachne into a spider, in order for she might weave all that she desired.

Arachne meaning in Names Dictionary

turned into a spider by Athena.
Name Origin: Greek
Name Gender: Female

Sentence Examples with the word Arachne

Arachne hanged herself in despair; but the goddess out of pity loosened the rope, which became a cobweb, while Arachne herself was changed into a spider (Ovid, Metam.

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