What does Arab mean?

Arab meaning in General Dictionary

certainly one of a swarthy race occupying Arabia and various in Syria Northern Africa etc

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  • a member of a Semitic men and women initially from the Arabian peninsula and surrounding regions just who talks Arabic and whom inhabits much of the center East and north Africa
  • a spirited graceful and smart operating horse indigenous to Arabia
  • One of a swarthy race occupying Arabia, and various in Syria, Northern Africa, etc.

Arab meaning in Names Dictionary

Multiplying, sowing sedition, a window, a locust. Non-gerderized Biblical title.
Name Origin: Biblical
Name Gender: Female

Arab meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 14c. (Arabes, a plural type), from Old French Arabi, from Latin Arabs (accusative Arabem), from Greek Araps (genitive Arabos), from Arabic 'arab, native name of the people, maybe literally "inhabitant associated with the desert" and pertaining to Hebrew arabha "desert." Meaning "homeless little wanderer, son or daughter associated with street" is from 1848 (originally Arab associated with the city), in reference to nomadic methods. Arab League formed in Cairo, March 22, 1945.

Arab meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Certainly one of a swarthy battle occupying Arabia, and numerous in Syria, Northern Africa, etc.

Sentence Examples with the word Arab

Mahommed (afterwards caliph), governor of Armenia and Azerbaijan (Adherbaijan), succeeded in repelling the Khazars, imposing peace on the petty princes of the eastern Caucasus, and consolidating the Arab power in that quarter.

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