What does Aquil Aquil Aquil mean?

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Awesome kid from Muslim decent.Name comes from The Holy Kuran/Quran.Womanizer.Not too quite but very outbound.Very attractive in personality. Latin for eagle.A really dirty boy.A bum.Some one which smells and will not shower regularly.A dreagotory insult for a smelly dirty person.A smelly dirty guy that life in Southern ozone Park quuens. An uncommon form of sheep. An Aquil is a dark nicely toned sheep, frequently reffered to as tamil. Many cowboys like to capture tehir Aquils asap, instead of letting it grow, and it's really pathetically disgusting stench to manifest. Aquils do stink bad, and quite often possess audacity to flirt with horrified girls. No Aquil is entitled to be let near a woman.