What does Appointment mean?

Appointment meaning in General Dictionary

The act of appointing designation of someone to hold an office or discharge a trust while he erred because of the appointment of unsuitable males

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  • a gathering organized in advance
  • an individual who is appointed to a job or place
  • (usually within the plural) furnitures and gear (especially for a ship or hotel)
  • the work to which you may be (or desire to be) appointed
  • the act of placing someone into a non-elective position
  • (legislation) the act of losing residential property by virtue of the energy of appointment
  • The work of appointing; designation of people to hold a company or discharge a trust; since, he erred because of the visit of unsuitable men.
  • their state to be appointed to som/ solution or company; a workplace that a person is appointed; station; position; an, the session of treasurer.
  • Stipulation; arrangement; the work of correcting by mutual arrangement. Thus:: Arrangement for a gathering; involvement; as, they made a consultation to satisfy at six.
  • Decree; direction; established order or constitution; since, to distribute on divine appointments.
  • The workout regarding the energy of designating (under a "power of session") one to take pleasure from a property or any other particular residential property; also, the tool wherein the designation is manufactured.
  • gear, furnishings, as for a ship or an army; whatever is appointed to be used and management; outfit; (pl.) the accouterments of military officers or soldiers, as belts, sashes, swords.
  • An allowance to someone, esp. to a public officer; a perquisite; -- correctly only within the plural.
  • A honorary component or exercise, as an oration, etc., at a general public exhibition of a college; since, to possess a scheduled appointment.

Appointment meaning in Urban Dictionary

Appointment: n.According towards the note you give on office, an appointment is really what you really missed college for whenever you just felt like taking half the afternoon off.

Appointment meaning in Law Dictionary

In chancery rehearse. The workout of a right to designate the individual or persons that to make the utilization of property. 2 Washb. Genuine Prop. 302. The work of someone in directing the personality of property, by limiting a use, or by substituting a fresh use for a former one, in pursuance of an electrical granted to him for that purpose by a preceding deed, called a "power of appointment:" also the deed or any other tool through which he therefore conveys. Where the power embraces several permitted objects, and appointment is built to a number of of those, excluding others, it's known as "exclusive." Appointment may signify an appropriation of cash to a particular purpose. Harris v. Clark, 3 N. T. 93, 119, 51 Am. Dec. 352. In public places law. The selection or designation of people, by the person or individuals having authority therefor, to fill an office or public function and discharge the duties of the same. State v. Brand New Orleans, 41 La Ann. 156, 0 Southern. 592; Wickersham v. Brit- tan, 93 Cal. 34, 28 Pac. 792, 15 L. R. A. 100; sliced up v. Crawford, 3 Mete. (Ky.) 210. The expression "appointment" is to be distinguished from "election." The previous is an executive work, whereby you were known the in cumbent of an office and spent therewith, by one or more people who have the single power and right to pick and represent the officer. Election implies that anyone is opted for by sl principle of choice in the nature of a vote, took part in by the general public generally speaking or by the entire course of individuals skilled to convey their option in this manner. See McPherson v. Blacker, 140 U. S. 1, 13 Sup. Ct. 3, 30 L. Ed. 809; State v. Compson. 34 Otherwise. 25, 54 Pac. 349; Reid v. Gorsuch, 67 N. J. Law, 396, 51 Atl. 457; State v. Squire, 39 Ohio St. 197; State v. Williams. 60 Kan. 837, 58 Pac. 476.

Appointment meaning in Etymology Dictionary

very early 15c., "an understanding," additionally "a fixing of a romantic date for authoritative business," from center French apointement, from apointer (see appoint). Indicating "act of placing in workplace" is attested from 1650s.

Appointment meaning in Business Dictionary

main's activity that authorizes a real estate agent to act regarding key's behalf. Disposing of a property, by exercising powers conferred for the purpose.

Appointment meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The act of appointing; designation of an individual to put on an office or release a trust; as, he erred by the session of improper men.

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  • (n.) Hawaii of being appointed to som/ solution or company; an office to which you're appointed; station; place; an, the appointment of treasurer.
  • (letter.) Stipulation; contract; the act of correcting by shared arrangement. For this reason:: Arrangement for a gathering; wedding; as, they made a scheduled appointment to fulfill at six.
  • (n.) Decree; direction; set up purchase or constitution; as, to submit on divine appointments.
  • (letter.) The exercise for the power of designating (under a "power of session") someone to enjoy an estate or other specific property; in addition, the instrument through which the designation is made.
  • (letter.) gear, furnishings, for a ship or an army; whatever is appointed for usage and administration; ensemble; (pl.) the accouterments of armed forces officials or troops, as devices, sashes, swords.
  • (letter.) An allowance to people, esp. to a public officer; a perquisite; -- properly only into the plural.
  • (n.) A honorary component or exercise, as an oration, etc., at a public event of a college; as, to possess a scheduled appointment.

Sentence Examples with the word Appointment

The sword-bearer is noticed in the Liber Albus (1419) and the first record of an appointment is dated 1426.

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