What does Applet mean?

Applet meaning in Law Dictionary

program that does a little part of a big program. Java is usually the language used to plan these.

Applet meaning in Etymology Dictionary

by 1995, a diminutive development from application.

Applet meaning in Business Dictionary

Little energy system, built to perform a specific purpose within a larger system. On the web, applets are acclimatized to make a webpage more appealing, interactive, and useful. Written frequently in Java language, their applications range from animation and 'hit counters' to sophisticated search engines.

Applet meaning in General Dictionary

a Java application; a credit card applicatoin system that uses the client's web browser to present a person screen

Applet meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

A small system that does employment a bigger system is incapable of performing. For instance, a Sun Java applet is a file on an Internet web site that delivers extra functionality not sustained by HTML.

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Applet meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

An applet is a little application made to run within another application. Whilst term "applet" is sometimes used to explain small programs included with some type of computer's operating-system, it frequently refers to Java applets, or small applications printed in the Java program coding language. Unlike ordinary programs, Java applets can't be operate directly by the operating-system. Alternatively, they have to operate within the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), or within another system that features a Java plug-in. When there is no JRE installed, Java applets wont run. Fortunately, Java is freely available for Microsoft windows, Mac, and Linux systems, and that means you can quickly download and run the correct JRE for the system. Since Java applets run in the JRE and therefore are perhaps not executed by the operating-system, they have been crossplatform, meaning an individual applet can operate on Microsoft windows, Mac, and Linux systems. While applets can act as basic desktop computer programs, they have restricted use of system sources and so are not perfect for complex programs. But their small size and crossplatform nature cause them to ideal for Web-based applications. Types of applets made to run in web browsers consist of calculators, attracting programs, animated graphics, and video games. Web-based applets can run-in any browser on any operating-system and long whilst the Java plug-in is put in. Through the very early several years of the internet, Java applets offered an easy method for website owners to incorporate interactive functions that were not possible with standard HTML. However, recently, applets being gradually replaced by more recent technologies such as for example jQuery and HTML 5. Some browsers, like Google Chrome, no longer offer the tag, yet others, like Apple Safari, don't even allow Java automatically. Since web developers cannot fully depend on Java assistance from internet browsers, applets are not any much longer a common method to supply interactive content on the Web.