What does AppleBuddy mean?

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(noun) 1. one individual away from a team of individuals who just work at applebees resturant. 2. The common title for numerous categories of little cliques formed within an Applebees resturant. Pertains to current & previous Applebee workers. Not all workers tend to be neccessarily 'applebuddies'... it can make reference to simply the 'cool' posses created within its roster.3. a nation-wide group of applebee employees connected thru a huge system of this applebee team. This concept regarding the applebuddies is they all are ONE gang just holding down various resturants, though follow the same or similiar recommendations & shield eachother from harm. (& causing difficulty with Chilles workers)4. An intramural co-ed banner baseball team for oklahoma condition institution, known as for applebees workers & composed of some. (however pending for 1st online game)