What does Apple iPad mean?

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The crappiest product which Apple features shitted off to date.It's like a giant iPhone except it generally does not have a phone or 3G.It's said to be the "Netbook killer" but it does not even MULTITASK! But it sure as hell prices DOUBLE.It does not have even a freaking webcam!And exactly how much performs this piece of shit price? $499 FOR 16GB!SIXTEEN FUCKING GIGABYTES!ARE YOU SHITTING ME?Oh, but you can anticipate stupid Apple fanboys to hurry for their closest Apple Store to shop for this worthless unit because all things considered, IT IS FROM APPLE! IT REALLY IS GONNA CAUSE THEM TO BECOME SEARCH COOL AND HIP!Tell me Apple fanboys, how can Steve Job's dick flavor like?Fuck, you gotta be a complete moron to really be contemplating buying this stack of trash.And do not also get me begun regarding goddamn title."iPad". For fuck's sake. It sounds like a brandname of tampons.