What does Apple TV mean?

Apple TV meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

Apple television is a portable digital media receiver that has been launched by Apple for the first time on September 12, 2006, after that called iTV. With its second style of its first-generation, the Apple television acted as a storage unit for a user's news that may be streamed directly to a user's higher definition tv. People could store any photographs, video, or sound regarding unit to conserve space for storing on the computer system hard drives and also have a continuing HDTV link with all of their news. Because of the Apple television's third generation, the device had its storage space capability eliminated and became strictly a streaming device. The latest generation includes integrated news services particularly Hulu, Netflix, iTunes, MLB.tv, Youtube, Flickr, NHL Game Center, as well as others that a consumer may use to immediately flow media into the customer's HDTV without the necessity for a pc. Additionally, the latest generation of Apple television can flow news to an HDTV off their iOS devices over AirPlay, which will be Apple's wireless streaming method. Additionally, Apple TV can supply this news over AirPlay in 1080p high-definition.