What does Apple Strudel BJ mean?

Apple Strudel BJ meaning in Urban Dictionary

The action of carrying out a blow job on people penis with a pre-heated apple strudel. Also known as the slippery-slogan.How it works ::You must microwave an apple strudel for 10-15 moments, no longer. Once heated the opposing companion will slip the cozy apple strudel onto the erect penis of the companion. Once firmly in position, the opposing companion then takes their lips, wraps it round the apple strudel, that is on erect penis, and performs a blow job by falling the apple strudel backwards and forwards. Once the erect cock strikes it really is climax and completes the opposing companion must accomplish the apple strudel with their mouth and consume it all. In the event that apple strudel is certainly not full eaten after the fact, it doesn't maybe not count as an "Apple Strudel BJ"