What does Apple Sheep mean?

Apple Sheep meaning in Urban Dictionary

The simple-minded, over zealous followers and enthusiasts of things Apple. Worshipers of Steve work, this type of person known for spending ridiculous levels of money merely to have a picture of apple with a bite taken out of it to their electronic devices regardless of item overall performance or high quality. Apple could turn out with kuzoo and cost $100 for this and these men and women would still get it. Apple sheep tend to be seen wasting countless days of their particular life putting work and people (not their particular moms) on hold looking forward to the second Apple item. When these individuals discover news of Apple services and products or their particular leader Steve work becoming down-graded and criticized they practically instantly get very, extremely cross and purple within the face almost always leading to all of them calling for to utilize their particular inhaler, only and then they attempt to no avail pitifully protect their particular beloved Apple. They usually can be observed driving a Prius while enjoying Coldplay (on their plugged in ipod of course). Frequently described plainly as sheep.