What does Apple Macintosh mean?

Apple Macintosh meaning in Computer Dictionary

The Apple Macintosh is some type of computer first introduced by Apple in 1984 aided by the now famous 1984 commercial shown in the Super dish. The Apple Macintosh computer shot to popularity with schools and several people due to the visual user interface (GUI) that was much easier for non-computer people to make use of as it would not require memorizing numerous instructions like this regarding PCs at that time using MS-DOS.

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Apple Macintosh is a line of computers introduced by Steve work of Apple Inc. on January 24th, 1984. 1st computer in the range was known as Mac 128k and even though it was a less-costly successor into Apple Lisa, the it had been also less higher level. The Mac 128k had been recognized for its an easy-to-use GUI that utilized icons, windows, and a mouse for point and click operation as opposed to the IBM computer systems during the time, which used MS-DOS.