What does Appendicitis mean?

Appendicitis meaning in General Dictionary

infection associated with vermiform appendix

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  • inflammation regarding the vermiform appendix
  • swelling of vermiform appendix.

Appendicitis meaning in Medical Dictionary

Inflammation of appendix, often of illness of the appendix. Appendicitis frequently triggers temperature, reduced desire for food, and pain. Appendicitis might be suspected due to the medical background and real examination. The pain of appendicitis are based in numerous aspects of the stomach. In the event that appendix ruptures and infection spreads throughout the stomach, the pain sensation becomes widespread while the whole lining associated with the stomach becomes inflamed. Ultrasonography and computerized tomography could be useful in analysis.

Appendicitis meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1886, from Latin stem of appendix + -itis.

Appendicitis meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) swelling associated with vermiform appendix.