What does Appearance mean?

Appearance meaning in General Dictionary

The work of appearing or getting into sight the act of becoming visually noticeable to the eye as his sudden appearance amazed myself

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  • the function of coming into picture
  • a psychological representation
  • outward or noticeable facet of one or thing
  • formal attendance (in judge or at a hearing) of a party in an activity
  • the work of showing up in public places view
  • pretending that anything is the case so as to make a beneficial effect
  • The work of appearing or coming into sight; the act of becoming noticeable to a person's eye; since, their unexpected appearance surprised me.
  • anything seed; a phenomenon; a phase; an apparition; because, an appearance within the sky.
  • individual presence; convention of the individual; look; aspect; mien.
  • Semblance, or obvious likeness; additional show. pl. Outward signs, or situations, fitted to make a specific impression or to determine the wisdom regarding the character of you or a thing, a work or circumstances; since, appearances tend to be against him.
  • The act of showing up in a certain destination, or in society, an organization, or any procedures; a coming prior to the public in a specific character; because, people makes his appearance as an historian, a musician, or an orator.
  • Probability; chance.
  • The entering judge of either regarding the parties; the being contained in judge; the entering judge of an event summoned in an action, either by himself or by their attorney, expressed by an official entry because of the correct officer to that particular result; the act or proceeding by which a party proceeded against places himself prior to the judge, and submits to its jurisdiction.

Appearance meaning in Urban Dictionary

How anything looks for your requirements the looker. you must be mindful with atheist evolutionists, because inside their expression 'appearance of design' it indicates mirage of design, while for a theist this means truth of design as seen to by the looker.The method to get a defined notion of what atheist evolutionists suggest by ‘appearance of design’ once they say they don't really suggest it is only look, is ask them when they be dudes: if they have an appearance of a cock's design or perhaps the reality of a penis's design inside their penis.Also with female atheist evolutionists, question them whether or not they have actually a look of a vagina's design inside their vagina, or even the reality of a vagina's design.Then ask them what exactly do they would like to wow people with, in their utilization of the phrase ‘appearance of design,’ if within their penis or vagina they do not suggest just appearance.Gerry

Appearance meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the act of an event or a lawyer turning up in judge. When its founded that legal counsel signifies the individual (by processing a notice of look or representation or in fact showing up), the lawyer will make an appearance when it comes to client on some issues without client becoming present. An attorney tends to make a "unique look" when he/she is showing up limited to the goal of what's prior to the judge that day-such as arraignment of 1 faced with a crime. If an attorney makes a "general appearance" he or she is informing the court that client is his or hers as well as the courtroom can proceed. Later on that attorney will be required to represent the customer. Some appearances are voluntary, but most tend to be compulsory and generally are by notice to your celebration or, if represented, to his/her lawyer. You can find variations on look principles in says, federal process of law, neighborhood judge treatments, and in accordance with the desires of specific judges.

Appearance meaning in Law Dictionary

In practice. A coming into judge as party to a suit, whether as plaintiff or defendant The formal proceeding through which a defendant submits himself towards the jurisdiction associated with court. Flint v. Comly, 95 Me. 251, 49 Atl. 1044; Crawford v. Vinton, 102 Mich. 83, 02 N. W. 988. Category. An appearance is either general or special; the previous is a straightforward and unqualified or unrestricted submitting on jurisdiction of this judge, the second a submission towards jurisdiction for some particular purpose only, maybe not for the purposes of the suit. National Furnace Co. v. Moline Malleable Iron Works (C. C.) 18 Fed. S04. An appearance could also he either compulsory or voluntary, the previous in which its compelled by procedure supported regarding party, the latter in which its registered by his or her own might or consent, without having the solution of process, though procedure is outstanding. 1 Barb. Ch. Pr. 77. It is known becoming recommended whenever registered by an individual who intervenes into the action to guard their own interests, though maybe not accompanied as a party; conditional, when in conjunction with problems on its becoming or becoming taken as a general look; gratis, whenever produced by a party into action, but before the service of every process or appropriate notice appearing; de bene esse, whenever made provisionally or even stay great just upon a future contingency; subsequent. when produced by a defendant after an appearance had been registered for him because of the plaintiff; corporal, when the person is literally within courtroom.

Appearance meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "visible condition or kind, figure; mere program," from Anglo-French apparaunce, Old French aparance "appearance, screen, pomp" (13c.), from Latin apparentia, abstract noun from aparentem, previous participle of apparere (see appear). Indicating "semblance" is taped from early 15c.; that "action of getting into view" is mid-15c. Phrase carry on with appearances attested from 1760 (save appearances in same sense is 1711).

Appearance meaning in Business Dictionary

A defendant 'enters an appearance' after being offered with summons given by a court. The look might be directly, by his or her lawyer, by pleadings, or a mixture of these. Failing to make an appearance within a specified duration (usually 14 days) after a site of summons may entitle the plaintiff to an ex-parte view.

Appearance meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

Neutrally, a presentation to an observer. Epistemology: A sensuously observable situation. The emotional or subjective correlate of a thing-in-itself. A sensuous object existent or possible, in area and time, relevant because of the categories (Kant). It differs from impression by its objectivity or logical quality. Metaphysics: A degree of truth or truth; a fragmentary and self-contradictory wisdom about reality. -- W.L.

Appearance meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The act of showing up or coming into sight; the act of becoming noticeable to a person's eye; as, their unexpected look amazed me personally.

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  • (n.) Anything seed; a phenomenon; a phase; an apparition; because, an appearance inside sky.
  • (letter.) Personal existence; convention of the person; look; aspect; mien.
  • (letter.) Semblance, or evident likeness; external program. pl. Outward indications, or situations, fitted to make a specific effect or to figure out the view as to the character of you or anything, an act or circumstances; as, appearances are against him.
  • (n.) The act of appearing in a specific location, or in culture, a company, or any proceedings; a coming before the general public in a certain character; as, an individual makes his appearance as an historian, an artist, or an orator.
  • (n.) possibility; probability.
  • (letter.) The getting into courtroom of either for the functions; the being within courtroom; the coming into judge of an event summoned in an action, either by himself or by his lawyer, expressed by a formal entry by the correct officer to that particular effect; the act or proceeding by which a celebration proceeded against places himself before the court, and submits to its jurisdiction.

Sentence Examples with the word Appearance

He wore a sharp shirt of hair next his skin, scourged himself every Friday and other fasting days, lay upon the bare ground with a log under his head, and allowed himself but four or five hours' sleep. This access of the ascetic malady lasted but a short time, and More recovered to all outward appearance his balance of mind.

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