What does Appalachia mean?

Appalachia meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"cultural and geographic region of inland Eastern U.S.," 1880s, from the Appalachian Mountains, which are its core. Earlier in the day Appalachia ended up being proposed as a better title for "United States of America" by Washington Irving in 1839 (though he preferred Alleghenia) and also this might have been the coinage associated with term. It's one thousand pities the puny witticisms of some professional objectors need to have the power to prevent, even for annually, the adoption of a title for our nation. At present we now have, demonstrably, not one. There ought to be no doubt about "Appalachia." In the first place, it is distinctive. "America" just isn't, and may never be made so. We may legislate around we be sure to, and believe for the country whatever name we think correct — but to make use of it should be no name, to any function for which a name becomes necessary, unless we can take it away from the areas which employ it at the moment. South America is "America," and certainly will insist upon remaining so. [Edgar Allan Poe, 1846]

Appalachia meaning in General Dictionary

an impoverished coal mining location into the Appalachian Mountains (from Pennsylvania to new york)

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At this time these sediments, together with some of Appalachia itself, began to be folded up into the Appalachian Mountains.

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