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that is generally a great symbol that means cleverness, imagination, health and wisdom. Are you in need to keep your human anatomy healthy? You understand the old proverbial an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

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computerese shorthand for application, attested by 1992.

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App stands for "application," which is the same thing as a software program. While an app may reference an application regarding equipment system, its most frequently always describe programs for cellular devices, such as for instance smart phones and tablets.u000du000aThe term "app" ended up being popularized by Apple if the organization created the "App shop" in 2008, per year following the first iPhone was launched. As iPhone and App shop expanded in popularity, the term "app" became the typical way to make reference to cellular applications. Programs for Android os and Microsoft windows Phone are actually called "apps" besides.u000du000aUnlike programs for traditional PCs (categorised as "desktop applications"), cellular applications can just only be gotten by downloading all of them from an on-line app shop. Most products immediately install apps when downloaded, which creates a seamless installation process when it comes to user. Some apps are free, while others needs to be bought. However, cellular applications are typically much cheaper than PC applications, and lots of are offered for just 99 dollars. In fact, most paid applications tend to be under $10.u000du000aArea of the reason mobile applications are cheaper than desktop computer applications is really because they are often less advanced and take less resources to produce. Apps are limited to the abilities of this cellular os (such as for instance iOS or Android os) and for that reason may well not provide just as much functionality as a desktop system. As an example, a word processor for Android os will most likely have actually even less features than a word processing application for Microsoft windows. Many applications are designed to be little, quickly, and easy-to-use. Unlike desktop computer programs, applications are intended to be properly used on-the-go and are usually created to advantageous asset of a little touchscreen screen.u000du000aNOTE: Apple revealed the Mac App shop in January, 2011, that offers online programs for Mac OS X. In cases like this, the term "app" means desktop applications.u000du000a