What does Apotheosis mean?

Apotheosis meaning in General Dictionary

The work of elevating a mortal toward ranking of and placing him among ldquothe godsrdquo deification

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  • the height of someone (regarding standing of a god)
  • style of excellence or brilliance of a kind; one having no equal
  • The act of elevating a mortal to the position of, and putting him among, "the gods;" deification.
  • Glorification; exaltation.

Apotheosis meaning in Urban Dictionary

1. The elevation or exaltation of people towards the rank of a god.2. The perfect instance; epitome; quintessence.Stephen King's novel The deep Tower very first book, The Gunslinger 's second sentence had been "The wilderness ended up being the apotheosis of most deserts."

Apotheosis meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1600s, from Late Latin apotheosis "deification," from Greek apotheosis, from apotheoun "deify, make (some one) a god," from apo- unique using this prefix, meaning, here, "transform" + theos "god" (see theo-).

Apotheosis meaning in General Dictionary

(n. pl.) The act of elevating a mortal on ranking of, and placing him among, "the gods;" deification.

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  • (letter. pl.) Glorification; exaltation.

Sentence Examples with the word Apotheosis

Nor is it accurate to speak of apotheosis in cases where the founder is in his lifetime regarded as the incarnation of a god (cf.

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