What does Apostel mean?

Apostel - German to English


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  • Saint Bartholomew the Apostle
  • apostle of temperance
  • Saint Otto of Bamberg
  • Saint John the Apostle
  • apostles

Sentence Examples with the word Apostel

The important small published works are Eine Faust Overture (1839-1840; rewritten, 1855); the Siegfried Idylle (an exquisite serenade for small orchestra on themes from the finale of Siegfried, written as a surprise for Frau Wagner in 1870); the Kaisermarsch (1871), the Huldigungsmarsch (1864) for military band (the scoring of the concert-version finished by Raff); Fiinf Gedichte (1862), a set of songs containing two studies for Tristan; and the early quasi-oratorio scene for male-voice chorus and full orchestra, Das Liebesmahl der Apostel (1843).

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