What does Apoplexy mean?

Apoplexy meaning in General Dictionary

Sudden diminution or losing consciousness feeling and voluntary movement frequently due to pressure on the brain

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  • a sudden loss of awareness ensuing as soon as the rupture or occlusion of a blood vessel leads to air absence into the brain
  • Sudden diminution or reduced awareness, feeling, and voluntary movement, often brought on by stress on the mind.

Apoplexy meaning in Medical Dictionary

A venerable term for a stroke, a cerebrovascular accident (CVA), frequently involving loss of consciousness and paralysis of varied body parts.

Apoplexy meaning in Law Dictionary

In medical jurisprudence. The failure of consciousness and suspension system of voluntary motion from suspension system of features regarding the cerebrum.

Apoplexy meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "sudden fit of paralysis and faintness," from Old French apoplexie or straight from Late Latin apoplexia, from Greek apoplexia, from apoplessein "to hit down and incapacitate," from apo- "off" (see apo-), in this instance most likely an extensive prefix, + plessein "hit" (cognates: plague (n.), in addition with a root feeling of "stricken"). The Latin translation, sideratio, means "disease due to a constellation."

Apoplexy meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Sudden diminution or lack of awareness, sensation, and voluntary motion, often brought on by stress on the brain.

Sentence Examples with the word Apoplexy

A slight attack of apoplexy on the 4th of February 1858 foretold the end, though he persevered with the preparation of the third volume of Philip II.

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