What does Apollonian mean?

Apollonian meaning in General Dictionary

Of with respect to or resembling Apollo

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  • Alt. of Apollonic

Apollonian meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1660s, from Apollo (Greek Apollon) + -ian. The Greek adjective ended up being Apollonios. The word is also attested in English as Apollinarian (1753), Apolline (c.1600).

Apollonian meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

The art impulse by which one sees things as with a dream, detached from genuine experience. The theoretical, intellectual impulses trying after measure, purchase, and harmony. (Nietzsche, Birth of Tragedy.) In Spengler, Decline associated with the western, the classical character as contrasted aided by the contemporary Faustian age. -- H.H,

Apollonian meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Alt. of Apollonic

Sentence Examples with the word Apollonian

This problem, which is sometimes known as the Apollonian Problem, was proposed by Vieta in the 16th century to Adrianus Romanus, who gave a solution by means of a hyperbola.

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