What does Apodictic mean?

Apodictic meaning in General Dictionary

Same as Apodeictic

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  • of a proposition; fundamentally real or logically specific
  • Alt. of Apodictical
  • Same as Apodeictic.

Apodictic meaning in Urban Dictionary

a proposition which provable and capable of being shown

Apodictic meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"obviously demonstrated," 1650s, from Latin apodicticus, from Greek apodeiktikos, from apodeiktos, verbal adjective of apodeiknynai "showing down, demonstrate," literally "to point from" (other items, at one), from apo "off, away" (see apo-) + deiknynai "to show" (see diction).

Apodictic meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Alt. of Apodictical

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  • (a.) just like Apodeictic.

Sentence Examples with the word Apodictic

It is, as it were, a schedule to be filled in, and is connected with the disjunctive judgment as a schematic setting forth of alternatives, not with the hypothetical, and ultimately the apodictic judgment with their suggestion that it is the real movement of thought that is subjected to analysis.

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