What does Aphrodite mean?

Aphrodite meaning in General Dictionary

The Greek goddess of love equivalent on Venus for the Romans

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  • goddess of love and beauty and girl of Zeus in old mythology; identified with Roman Venus
  • The Greek goddess of love, corresponding toward Venus of the Romans.
  • a sizable marine annelid, covered with lengthy, lustrous, golden, hairlike setae; the ocean mouse.
  • an attractive butterfly (Argunnis Aphrodite) associated with United Says.

Aphrodite meaning in Names Dictionary

Goddess of love.
Name Origin: Greek
Name Gender: Female

Aphrodite meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Greek goddess of love and beauty; because of the ancients, the woman title ended up being produced by Greek aphros "foam," from story of her beginning, but perhaps it is fundamentally from Phoenician Ashtaroth (Assyrian Ishtar). In 17c. English, pronounced to rhyme with evening, appropriate, etc.

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Aphrodite meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The Greek goddess of love, corresponding into Venus of Romans.

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  • (n.) A large marine annelid, covered with long, lustrous, fantastic, hairlike setae; the sea mouse.
  • (letter.) A beautiful butterfly (Argunnis Aphrodite) of united states of america.

Sentence Examples with the word Aphrodite

The agora, the theatre, an odeum, a temple of Dionysus, a temple of the Muses, a temple of Aphrodite and a great number of minor buildings have been identified, and the general plan of the city has been very clearly made out.

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