What does Aphra mean?

Aphra meaning in Urban Dictionary

Disorganised but stylishPissed off but hilariousSure enough, Aphra has large morals and sticks for them, she always asserts by herself (without having to be aggressive) on top of that as pulling down the woman trademark yellowish doctor martens.Aphra is the name of a lady whom you could spend all of your Sunday with, but like to spend your entire life with - charming, amusing in accordance with a good an ability to whip up dinner out-of absolutely nothing, this girl is a keeper.

Aphra meaning in Names Dictionary

Dust. The Old Testament house of Aphrah indicates 'house of dust'. Famous bearer: 17th century Uk dramatist and novelist Aphra Behn.
Name Origin: Hebrew
Name Gender: Female

Aphra meaning in Etymology Dictionary

fem. correct name, apparently from a misunderstanding of Hebrew bebheth 'Aphrah "in the home of Aphrah" (Mi. i:10), for which Aphrah most likely is the name of a town, not one. [Klein]