What does Aphorism mean?

Aphorism meaning in General Dictionary

a thorough maxim or principle expressed in a few words a sharply defined phrase relating to abstract truth in place of to useful matters

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  • a short pithy instructive saying
  • A comprehensive maxim or concept expressed in a few terms; a greatly defined sentence regarding abstract truth instead rather than useful things.

Aphorism meaning in Urban Dictionary

proverbs, sayings we use every day. IE: You are what you eat.

Aphorism meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1520s (especially in reference to the "Aphorisms of Hippocrates"), from Middle French aphorisme (14c., aufforisme), from belated Latin aphorismus, from Greek aphorismos "definition, pithy phrase," from aphorizein "to mark down, divide," from apo- "from" (see apo-) + horizein "to bound" (see horizon). An aphorism is a short, pithy declaration containing a truth of general import; an axiom is a declaration of self-evident truth; a theorem is a demonstrable idea in science or math; an epigram is like an aphorism, but without general import. Maxim and saying may be used as synonyms for aphorism.

Aphorism meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A thorough maxim or concept expressed in a few words; a sharply defined phrase associated with abstract truth without to useful issues.

Sentence Examples with the word Aphorism

In the book of Proverbs it is either an aphorism (x.-xxii.) or a discourse (i.-ix., xxiii.

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