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Advent for the Zenith. A map manufactured by Rising_Dusk, with custom spells including skins. Among higher-tiered AoS', it ranks among ToB, CoD, and AoM. AotZ's official clan passes VZ. Modern variation can invariably be located at valor-zeal.org, the clan website, where one can in addition find the formal online forums for AotZ.Though the map is less item-based than DotA, the effects and experience of the whole map tend to be leaps and bounds prior to the best AoS. Though people make comparisons to DotA, men and women neglect to realize DotA is merely a map which possessed a massive fanbase in RoC (Reign of Chaos). Comparing DotA to AotZ is much like attempting to compare low priced crack with pure Heroine.Though restricted in heroes, in comparison to DotA, one must recognize that most customized AoS' are a lot more minimal in heroes than in standard AoS' like DotA. In maps eg AoM and ToB, one additionally sees too little a dictionary of heroes like in DotA. But once one casts a spell in every for the custom AoS', one realizes just why there are less heroes.It is a sheer reality.Quality > QuantityAotZ > DotAAnd that, sir, is a gg.