What does Aorta mean?

Aorta meaning in General Dictionary

The great artery which carries the bloodstream through the heart to all parts of the body except the lungs the main trunk area associated with arterial system

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  • the big trunk area artery that carries blood from the remaining ventricle associated with heart to branch arteries
  • the fantastic artery which holds the bloodstream from the heart to all areas of the body except the lungs; the key trunk of the arterial system.

Aorta meaning in Medical Dictionary

the greatest artery in your body, the aorta arises from the remaining ventricle of this heart, increases (ascends) a little methods, bends over (arches), then falls (descends) through the chest and through stomach to in which ends by dividing into two arteries called the common iliac arteries that go into the feet.

Aorta meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1570s, from Medieval Latin aorta, from Greek aorte, term applied by Aristotle to the great artery of the heart, literally "what is hung up," from aeirein "to lift, heave, raise," which is of uncertain origin; related to the second element in meteor. Used earlier by Hippocrates of the bronchial tubes. Related: Aortal; aortic.

Aorta meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

The name associated with the primary artery that begins when you look at the remaining ventricle of an animal's four chamber heart.

Aorta - German to English


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  • ascending aorta

Aorta meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The fantastic artery which carries the bloodstream from heart to any or all body parts except the lungs; the main trunk area associated with the arterial system.

Sentence Examples with the word Aorta

The aorta gives off a large branch (the anterior aorta) very near its origin, from which arise - first, the left axillary, and afterwards the right axillary and the two carotid arteries.

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