What does Aokigahara Forest mean?

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Nicknamed the "Sea of Trees" plus "Suicide Forest", this woodland on base of Mt. Fuji in Japan is a well known location to commit suicide and it is placed 2nd on the planet after the Golden Gate connection. Ubatse, a tradition of leaving an elderly member of the family when you look at the forest to die from publicity, dehydration, hunger, so on, was also dedicated there. Traditionally, someone would go into the forest to camp and deliver few products, camp for a couple days, after that going to the forest to kill themselves. Abandoned campsites plus corpses are located in the forest, and a search teams go into the woodland to recover items and corpses. It has gotten so incredibly bad the Japan's national suicide avoidance ministry has put signs into the forest informing individuals who thier loves are way too crucial that you dispose of. The woodland is reportedly acutely haunted by the spirits that have perished indeed there and it is allowed to be probably one of the most haunted in areas in Japan. The forest itself is really tranquil and could be the explanation plenty go to end thier own resides. A lack of animal life is mentioned into the forest and trees are incredibly thick there is no wind sound. Said to be probably one of the most haunted woodlands worldwide.