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Art of Problem Solving. A forum for math lovers, with a forum for an unusually large number of the most effective math pupils in the us and also the world. AIR THROUGH POOP: The musty whiff of atmosphere that moves over an active turd within the chamber which should being discharged hours previously. Scared of crotch, mostly young ones which hide in there cabinet when they understand these are generally afraid of vagina. even if a hot girl would like to bang they are going to discover any way to locate a reason to go house and cover within their dresser Appreviation for AdminOP AdminOP. A lame mod for TFC with spawncamping admins. A board originated on "bad things and Monster Sightings" also known as EMS because of the regulars, for which they simply chat and it is the contrary of AOW. DC, to my understanding, is the known creator. There is also a guild, which is personal.