What does Anyhow mean?

Anyhow meaning in General Dictionary

at all or fashion whatever at the very least the point is

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  • at all whatsoever
  • regularly suggest that a statement explains or supports a previous declaration
  • by any means or way whatever; anyway; the point is.

Anyhow meaning in Urban Dictionary

A "Pillai" trademark that is used to replace anyhow in a sentence to sound much more elegant and sophisticated.

Anyhow meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1740, from any + how (adv.). Unlike the situations of many other any + (interrogative) substances, there isn't any record from it in Old or Middle English. Emphatic kind any old how is taped from 1900, American English.

Anyhow meaning in General Dictionary

(adv.) At all or manner whatever; at any rate; the point is.

Sentence Examples with the word Anyhow

If v varies with respect to locality, or if there is a velocity of convection (p,q,r) variable with respect to direction and position, and analytical expression of the relation (ii) assumes a more complex form; we thus derive the most general equations of electrodynamic propagation for matter treated as continuous, anyhow distributed and moving in any manner.

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