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a lovely, amazing girl with a striking laugh like hardly any other, leaking confidence and making laughter the cure for many of life's dilemmas, in addition to that offering heat and glee to all specially me :) the literary meaning of the word is 'searching'. so basically 'Anwesha' is some one you find after you search a lot for. a female with a great personality, she actually is gorgeous, is a mystery to any or all she comes across. A female who's great flavor in films and songs and it is always into enjoyable material. she actually is someone whoever company everyone seeks. a retarded fat ugly whore, just who thinks she's sexy but really is a fat short little chod (a thick tiny cock), likes to begin rumors about everyone, really wants to function as the center of interest but does not realise she's soo fat that she currently is or even more. Also can be refered to as your nightmare.