What does Anwendung mean?

Anwendung - German to English


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  • administration
  • application [utilization, administration]
  • software [coll.] [application]
  • application of law
  • application of the legislation
  • application of an approach
  • application of a rule
  • application of a theory
  • compassionate use
  • application of a system [of processes within a business]
  • execution
  • application of the latest strategies
  • use
  • usage
  • utilisation [Br.]
  • application
  • intimidation [coercion]
  • use of force
  • application software
  • practice [application]

Sentence Examples with the word Anwendung

Claus (Theoretische Betrachtungen and deren Anwendung zur Systematik der organischen Chemie) proposed his diagonal formula (III), and two years later, A.

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