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A fun loving girl is is pals with everybody who she fulfills! She is occasionally aggressive, but other than that, this woman is pretty sexy and good and precious and funny. Original. This woman is the maximum individual ever before, top sorts of woman you will find. This woman is wise quite, adorable and awesome. She is great to hang aside with and it is so much enjoyable. she actually is a wonderful buddy which comes in hand because she's the friendliest person live. Haya and Mary y tend to be even fortunate to learn the lady. They should be therefore grateful for being her buddy. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Anwen is an amiable, nerdy girl who loves Lord of this Rings and Game of Thrones. She is a Hufflepuff and is a particularly good finder. She likes to relate to by herself as Peregrin Took and her buddy as Meriadoc Brandybuck from LOTR. She's enthusiastic about Starkid and every thing regarding Jeff Blim. She also loves English Literature and background. Overall, a SuperMegaFoxyAWESOMEHot dauntless from District 11.