What does Antworten mean?

Antworten - German to English

to answer

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  • to reply
  • to respond [reply]
  • to come back [to respond to, respond]
  • to express in reply
  • to counterattack
  • responding to
  • replies
  • reactions

Sentence Examples with the word Antworten

Kohler, Luthers 95 Theses sammt seinen Resolutionen, den Gegenschriften von Wimpina-Tetzel, Eck and Prierias, and den Antworten Luthers darauf (Leipzig, 1903); Emil Reich, Select Documents illustrating Medieval and Modern History (London, 1905); The Leipzig Disputation: Seidemann, Die Leipziger Disputation im Jahre 1519 (Dresden, 1843); Luther before the Diet of Worms: Deutsche Reichstagsakten unter Kaiser Karl V.

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