What does Ants, fire mean?

Ants, fire meaning in Medical Dictionary

Originally from S. America. Among the worstu000du000abugs ever before to occupy the U.S. Red or yellowish ants of small-to-medium size with au000du000aextreme sting that burns off like fire. They typically feed on little pests but, with denseru000du000acommunities, they eat seeds and seedling plants, damage grain and vegetable crops, invadeu000du000akitchen areas, attack newly hatched chicken while the young of ground-nesting crazy wild birds. Fireu000du000aants can eliminate newborn domestic and wildlife. Each colony consists of a queen,u000du000awinged men and women and 3 types of workers. A nest averages about 25,000 workers, butu000du000afar bigger communities are common. Semipermanent nests are large piles of excavated soilu000du000awith spaces for ventilation. Since nests may quantity 50-100 (or even more) in a heavilyu000du000ainfested industry, cultivating becomes difficult (or impossible). Fire ants fit in with theu000du000agenus Solenopsis.