What does Antonym mean?

Antonym meaning in General Dictionary

a word-of contrary meaning a counterterm utilized as a correlative of synonym

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  • a term that expresses a definition opposed to the meaning of another word, in which case both words tend to be antonyms of each other
  • A word of other definition; a counterterm; -- made use of as a correlative of synonym.

Antonym meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1867, coined to act as reverse of synonym, from Greek anti- "equal to, in place of, other" (see anti-) + -onym "name" (see title (n.)). Maybe introduced to English into the book "Synonyms and Antonyms" (1867) by the Ven. C.J. Smith, M.A. Underneath the head of Synonyms and Antonyms, Archdeacon Smith arranges terms which form an antithesis one to the other. Your message "antonym" is, we think, a new formation but of use. ["Journal of Sacred Literature," July 1867] French antonyme (1842), German antonym (by 1859) are older. The un-Greek alternative counterterm is kept to fade.

Antonym meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

generally, an antonym refers to a word this means the exact opposite. For example, cool is an antonym for the term hot. Any antonyms for computer terms defined on Computer Hope tend to be the following the definition.

Antonym - German to English


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  • antonymous
  • antonym (of)

Antonym meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A word of reverse definition; a counterterm; -- utilized as a correlative of synonym.