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A Portuguese Gangster coming straight out of Portugual during the very early 1970's, he moved to The united states in brand new Bedford, Massachusetts. During their teenage years he possessed a lime green firebird and raced along with his lover in criminal activity Leno Cabral. He joined up with his first gang in his early 20's with a signature tattoo of a skull above two crosses canes-the head with a vibrant mustache and a lincoln tophat still stays on his left arm. In addition getting a homemade tattoo of several someplace in the sixties on their left wrist but its today as yet not known do in order to it becoming removed in 2006. He has got two younger brothers, the youngest now-being tracked by the FBI. The center towers above every person and today life a happy quiet life along with his partner. Antonio features 5 children two that he does not see he nonetheless regularly views one other three. Antonio has now settled down and life with his gf in the north end of New Bedford.