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Antoniette means PRICELESS, value is far above rubies. Name is produced by the tower of Antonia, in biblical times ... Antoniette is pronounced: An-twah-net because in France, its spelled with an "oi" therefore creating the *wah* noise. Even though most famous individual of all time which holds this title wore a blonde wig, many Antoniettes tend to be naturally brunette. Girls and women named Antoniette are accustomed to becoming asked things two times, and sometimes even 3 times since their particular name's therefore uncommon. It doesn't indicate they've been diligent, these are typically simply accustomed responding to the same concern over and over.Usually, since their name's never inside top Baby Names books, they don't have a lot of personalized pencils at school or personalized coffee mugs on the job, that is good, given that they favor items that tend to be unique in general like they are.Look into an Antoniette's eyes and you ought to get a hold of truth. Priceless things tend to ben't fake or false. I am maybe not saying you will constantly get a hold of truth, but you SHOULD find it indeed there. To put on and carry proudly, title Antoniette..one must certanly be enthusiastic, anal, organized, and outbound. She usually is very OCD about strange things such as for instance writing everything in her planner to presenting things stacked a "certain" way. She's great work ethics, but lacks the social abilities to branch out-of the woman safe place. She's zero filter on her lips, so up to now the girl, the possibility man would need to have dense skin. Some would even state Antoniette's can be verbally abusive to the woman lover. She's a large heart for pets but a lot more than any is usually a tiny white dog that she more than likely, and stay real to her uniqueness, called either zeus or boogar. She is a wild card so nipple piercings to coloring the woman hair 5 different colors is one thing you may anticipate. She above like drives a nissan or a kia. She's got a sharp tongue and always resorts to immature name-calling like "ugly fat pig." She's going to refer to her lover has "honey" above she'll his own title. She's a classic heart so her friday night usually are spent home playing terms with pals and be truly crazy, performing the woman nails and over using a cuticle clipper.