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a tremendously sexy right guy. He is therefore sexy that your particular eyes will burn when you look at their sexyness.Definition 2: A pill which makes your feces gentler. Someone who is smart, but does not want to show it. May be considered bashful. Women will likely be interested in him, as a result of this trait. Is a good buddy and is interestingly candid from time to time. On the whole he's an individual you will end up happy to become familiar with. This title is due to Adonis. A greek or roman god. It holds power like hardly any other. Guys with this specific title tend to be beyond sexy, they are hot, girl cannot withstand their particular appeal and systems. Sculptures are made of people with this name. They define just what a male is. When in conjunction with the gemini star sign, they usually have a presence and an aura like nothing or no-one else. Their particular love is powerful, and saturated in enthusiasm. They can use any clothing and appearance good, and will ride a bicycle without handlebars.