What does Anton Piller order mean?

Anton Piller order meaning in Law Dictionary

When the plaintiff must enable a defendant on their residential property, view research, and respond to questions regarding the judge. It is for copyright issues mostly. It's objective is prevent evidence from becoming damaged. It's not a search warrant nonetheless it should be used. It

Anton Piller order meaning in Business Dictionary

Ex-parte court injunction that needs a defendant to permit the plaintiff to (1) enter defendant's premises, (2) find and remove any content proof and, (3) force the defendant to resolve some questions. Employed often in situations of possible copyright laws violation, its main objective will be prevent destruction or removal of evidence. This order isn't a search warrant, nevertheless defendant is within contempt of judge if she or he will not comply. Called after the 1976 UNITED KINGDOM instance of 'Anton Piller KG v. Manufacturing Processes.' Nowadays labeled as search purchase.