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The most amazing guy having previously resided. He's sweet, sexy, good looking incredibly funny and charming therefore the most caring and loving and providing individual. He has got many pals cuz he's got such an excellent personality and everyone likes him. He draws individuals him. Anto has a great sense of humour and likes to joke around, but he's got a significant side too so although he is a pleasant guy, cannot f*** with him cuz he will f*** u up. He in addition smells soooo great everyday! Among the Dublin popular Duo 'Moe and Anto' of www.moeandanto.freewebspace.com . With lengthy blonde tresses and bright blue eyes he will appeal you, disarm you, after that seduce and alarm you. Well-known throughout Dublin’s personal groups, Anto is a curious collection of wit, style and sexual attraction. When he's perhaps not hanging out with Moe or ripping up dublin together with his free hiking skills he can generally be located in the home or chilaxing at Saffies residence. An anto is an individual who intentionally says or does the contrary people just to piss you down. They hardly ever allow it to be far in life and generally have bit to no pals Antos-A breed of sexy intelligent male being become revered and very respected a physical condition where a woman, or guy, is very brief with large breasts