What does Antivenin mean?

Antivenin meaning in General Dictionary

The serum of blood rendered antitoxic to a venom by repeated shots of tiny doses associated with the venom also the element of such a serum that will be antitoxic to the venom

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  • an antitoxin that counteracts the results of venom from the bite of a serpent or insect or any other animal

Antivenin meaning in Medical Dictionary

Antibodies produced into the blood of a horse or sheep once the animal is injected with snake venom. Antivenin functions by neutralizing serpent venom which includes registered the human body. Also called antivenom, serpent antivenin, or serpent antivenom.

Antivenin meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1894, from anti- + venin, from venom + chemical suffix -in (2). Perhaps straight away from French antivenin.

Antivenin - German to English


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  • antivenin
  • antivenom