What does Antitoxin mean?

Antitoxin meaning in General Dictionary

A substance often this product of a particular small system and often naturally within the blood or tissues of an animal effective at creating immunity from certain conditions or of counteracting the toxic aftereffects of pathogenic micro-organisms

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  • an antibody that can counteract a particular toxin
  • Alt. of Antitoxine

Antitoxin meaning in Medical Dictionary

An antibody produced in reaction to and with the capacity of neutralizing a specific biologic toxin such as those that cause diphtheria, gasoline gangrene, or tetanus. Antitoxins are employed prophylactically and therapeutically.

Antitoxin meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"substance neutralizing poisons," 1892, from anti- + toxin. Coined in 1890 by German bacteriologist Emil von Behring (1854-1917). Antitoxic in this sense is from 1860.

Antitoxin meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

a kind of antiserum which has antibodies against specific poisons.

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Antitoxin meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Alt. of Antitoxine

Sentence Examples with the word Antitoxin

The probable explanation is that an antitoxin is developed within them.

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